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I bid on a resume job on one of the online work-for-hire sites. My analysis of what this potential client needed immediately sold him on using my services. Yet, there was one issue that came up immediately. “I was hoping to find a lower price. Would you be willing to work on this for less?”

I wanted to respond with “What you spend is what you get.” I resisted the temptation, because I was once one of those resume writers who charged very little and delivered a lot. I know there are good resume writers who are proving themselves competent through taking on work at a lower rate than I charge. Yet this doesn’t change the general accuracy that you don’t get more than you invest when it comes to resumes.

So what are you “spending” when you pay $150.00 for a single page resume from Land the Interview Resumes?

  1. Money that connects you with someone who has experience choosing an effective way to market what you have to offer.
  2. Money that puts additional resources into your hands, such as LinkedIn training, job search tips and interview strategies.
  3. Money that helps you see what you have to offer in a new way.
  4. Money that hands you a resume that goes beyond listing your skills to showing how you use those skills.
  5. Money that becomes an investment rather than an expense.

I don’t just throw your employment ‘vital statistics’ together. That’s not enough to get a call to interview. I help you show potential employers how important your contribution could be to their success.



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