The Cover Letter Process

The Cover Letter Process

Cover letters are a vital component of the job application process. To ensure your cover letter packs the “wow” it needs to consider information you need to gather to make the best impression.

  • Considering the job you are applying for, what knowledge do you have that makes you an especially good candidate for the job?
  • Please tell me about your skills within that industry. If you are transferring skills to a new career, how do you think your existing skills will benefit the new career?
  • Please tell me about the things you are especially good at.
  • Please tell me about the most interesting experience you’ve had in your career.
  • Describe how you will make a difference for this employer.
  • What things in your past experience would you most like to highlight?
  • Why are you interested in this job?
  • Are you wondering why I share all of this before meeting with you? It’s to ensure our meeting is as productive as possible.

I have had clients who tell me to look at their resume for the answers to these questions.
This doesn’t work. You may have shared many things about previous jobs, yet which of those details fit you for the job you are applying for? If you won’t tell me, how I can write the kind of letter that makes HR sit up and say, “We’ve got to call this person.”

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