Showing Rather Than Telling on Your Resume

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Ghostwriter, speaker and Inc. columnist Jeff Haden published a blog on LinkedIn that I must comment on. He opens with two hypothetical conversations. In one, you keep things very simple. You describe yourself in three words. “I’m an architect.” In the other, you use 24 words to describe yourself. “I’m a passionate, innovative, dynamic provider of architectural services with a collaborative approach to creating and delivering outstanding world-class client and user experiences.”

Which one would you respond positively to?

Haden’s point is this. It’s always better to show rather than tell.

16 Never Use Words for Resume Writing

He gives a list of 16 words you’ll see commonly on resumes, in cover letters and on websites. While some of Haden’s choices may reflect personal taste, it’s far better to provide examples that prove you have these qualities.

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