Resumes That Get Results

Resumes That Get Results

You need a resume that presents your best qualities, whether you’re looking for a new job, seeking advancement with your current employer or re-entering the job market. While I have written resumes for all kinds of careers, my specialty is resume and cover letter packages for individuals who are seeking to reenter the job market or change their field.

So many of my clients come to me failing to recognize the skills they already possess—skills that fit their career goals. As a professional resume writer, I work until you’ve gained a new perspective on what you have to offer.

You are somebody! Let me help you become a “brand” that impresses employers.

Your resume and cover letter may be the only chance you get to land an interview, so you want it to be the best. You want the package to tell potential employers at first glance that you are worth calling.

Almost anyone can put together a chronological resume, yet few do it effectively. A functional resume helps employers see past work history, to qualities that will be an asset to the work place. A combination resume makes it clear you have experience and skills to offer. It’s my preferred format.

Looks Weigh In as Well.

I also focus on how your resume looks. You can include the perfect information, but if the resume doesn’t look great, it will hit the recycle bin.

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