Resume Writing Tips – What Not to Include

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When you put your resume together, there are eleven things that should never appear there. While some of this information may be requested on a job application, it isn’t appropriate to include on a resume. I share these ‘negative’ resume writing tips so you’ll look like a professional.

1) Never tell why you left a job.

This is information that employers typically ask for on job applications, but it doesn’t belong on a resume. If you left your job for anything but a positive reason, such as career advancement, you don’t have adequate space to place your separation in a positive light. Job applications expect you to provide more details. A resume is a concise document. Leave any explanations for why you have left previous employers to your interview.

2) Never include references.

Create a separate reference sheet that you can present when you get the interview. If your cover letter and resume aren’t enough to get an interview, adding references isn’t going to make a difference.

You also want to avoid adding “Referenced Available on Request” at the bottom of your resume. It’s assumed that you will provide them.

3) Avoid personal information.

You must provide your name, address and phone number. Your email is also essential in today’s world. But don’t include anything else, especially your social security number! Things like weight, health details and age should never be included. And carefully consider whether you want to include anything on your resume that reveals ethnicity or religious persuasion.

I have discovered that one of the quickest ways to not get an interview is to list employment that hints at my religious background. I include it for one reason. I don’t want to work for an employer who doesn’t take obeying the laws of this country seriously.

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