New Approach to Resume Objective Statements

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Resume writer Rajat Vashishta started a discussion about resume objective statements1 on Resume Writers, a LinkedIn group, that shares some ideas worth considering. Until reading his blog, I had thrown out the idea of using an objective statement completely. Now, I believe there may be times when including your objective could strengthen your candidacy.

Traditional Resume Objective Statements

The traditional objective statement states what your career goals are. This is a complete turn-off to potential employers. They really don’t care what your career goals are. They only care about whether you meet their needs.

New Approaches to Objective Statements

Vashishta states that more than 50% of employers want to see something equivalent to the traditional objective statement on the resumes they receive. How do you meet this need?

First, replace ‘Objective’ with a headline or title. Don’t use the word ‘Summary’ because provides little value. The way you handle content beneath your headline/title will make it obvious that it’s a summary.

Next, choose the focus of your message based upon whether you used a headline or title.

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