Laid Off? Update Your LinkedIn Profile!

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Laid Off? Update Your LinkedIn Profile!

We’ve all heard the statistics—that it’s easier to find a job if you’re employed than if you aren’t. That might make it tempting to delay updating your LinkedIn profile if you are laid off. No one expects you to go straight to LinkedIn the day you lose your job. Yet, too long a delay could make you look dishonest.

Two Reasons to Update Your LinkedIn Profile Quickly

1. Avoiding the Perception You Are Dishonest Is Worth It!

There is no question that the perception of dishonesty is career destructive. I would recommend that you update your LinkedIn profile with a few weeks of your job ending. Anyone who’s been laid off knows how much you have to deal with at first, a few week’s delay won’t be seen as dishonest. Any longer than that and potential employers, head hunters and recruiters are going to start asking, “If you aren’t being honest on LinkedIn, what else are you hiding?” A dishonest LinkedIn profile is no friend in finding a job.

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