Find Jobs Using LinkedIn and Find Them Fast

Find Jobs Fast Using LinkedIn is an 8-lesson series on how to turn LinkedIn into your greatest job search asset. In this series you will learn things like:

  • How to Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile
  • How to Optimize Your Profile to Open up Opportunities
  • How to Choose the Right Privacy Settings for Job Searching
  • How to Make Connections
  • How to Use LinkedIn to Locate Job Opportunities and Screen Potential Employers
  • How to Leverage Advanced LinkedIn Features Such as Groups and LinkedIn Answers
  • How to Request and Receive Recommendations from Your Connections
  • How to Integrate LinkedIn with Personal Contacts

Yes you can find jobs using LinkedIn. When you finish this series of lessons, you’ll know the basics. If you don’t find your profile performing as you’d hoped consider this additional resource.

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Your basic guide to turning LinkedIn into a job search ally.