Job Search Resources

Does your LinkedIn profile need an overhaul?

This simple self-critique will help you identify those things you need to work on. This is one of the basic job search resources I recommend to all my clients.

Download here.

Are you actively searching for a job? Or do you want to be prepared for the unexpected job search?

Members and clients may sign up for Find Jobs Fast Using LinkedIn, an 8-lesson series on how to turn LinkedIn into your greatest job search asset.

Learn more.

Do you know how to prepare for a job interview?

Acing Job Interviews: A Jobseeker’s Guide will boost your confidence. It shares strategies you can use to prepare for interviews, no matter what your career may be.

Learn more here.

Have you interviewed over and over again without landing the job?

Request How to Ask Questions That Get You Hired, the eBook that shares the little known secret to impressing potential employers.

Learn more about this resource here.

Are you writing your own cover letters?

Cover letters are an essential part of the job application process. I’ve written a short e-paper giving you tips on how to use your cover letter to deliver an irresistible and powerful message. “You must reach my resume!”

Learn proper protocol and more so your cover letters support your application rather than detracting from it. Click here to learn more.

Need I ask? Of course you want that job offer!

You’ll find tips for making yourself the obvious candidate for the job in Get That Job Offer! How to Maker Yourself the Obvious Candidate.

Learn more about this resource here.

You have a new resume. Now what?

Owning an iPad is a waste of money if you never learn how to use it. The same could be said of investing in a resume without learning how to leverage the new power it gives you within the job search marketplace.

Leveraging Your Resume shares targeted ideas for using your new marketing tool.

Learn more about this resource here.

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