Interview Strategies – Close the Sale

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When you walk away from an interview, you’ve just left your best opportunity to sell yourself as the right candidate for the job. Closing the interview like a sales call is one of your most important interview strategies. If you don’t close that sale, you’ve cut your chances that you’re the person they will hire.

How to Close an Interview

Just as a sales person tries to close the sale before he or she walks out the door, you need to close your interview before you leave the room. Let’s look first at the elements of a close.

  1. Find out whether your ‘prospect’ is interested.
  2. Gather more information.
  3. Overcome obstacles blocking your ‘prospect’s’ interest.
  4. Generate increased interest.

Questions to Uncover Interest

Most interviews draw to a close with the following question: “Do you have any questions for me?” This is your perfect opening for asking questions that help you find out whether they are interested in hiring you. You don’t want to ask, “Am I in the running? Are you interested in hiring me?” It’s okay to be direct, yet being this blunt could repel your potential employer.

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