Giving and Getting LinkedIn Recommendations

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Recommendations—They can be the deal maker or breaker. In today’s job search, you can no longer afford to depend on a reference sheet to do the job for you. You must expect a potential employer to check LinkedIn before you’ve even walked in the door for your first interview!

And for some reason, employers are finding these references more credible than the traditional letter of recommendation. Why is this? It’s more difficult to fake. And many companies no longer allow HR to release anything more about you than a confirmation that you worked for the company, what your job title was and when you were employed. That’s not very helpful for you job search!

For now at least, most companies aren’t restricting the freedom of their employees to give a recommendation to a coworker on LinkedIn. So those recommendations carry weight!

So how do you give and get recommendations on LinkedIn?

Giving Recommendations

To give a recommendation, perform a search for people you know on LinkedIn. Ask for a connection, if you aren’t connected already.

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