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Resumes That Get Results

Denise Rutledge - Resume WriterWhat value does a resume have if it doesn’t get results? Absolutely none! No matter how little you paid, you wasted your investment.

You deserve a resume that sets you apart from your competition. It should make your best qualities shine, whether you’re looking for a new job, seeking advancement with your current employer or re-entering the job market.

There’s only one kind of resume to write.

A results producing document. A powerful marketing tool. A job-finding magnet.

Your Resume Written Out of Experience.

I know what your job search challenges are from personal experience! I began writing resumes and cover letters for individuals who are seeking to reenter the job market or change their field because I was that person in 2006. I was applying for jobs every day, but I wasn’t getting any calls. That changed when I learned how to write catchy cover letters and tailor my resumes to the jobs I was applying for.

I’ve expanded my skills to embrace all kinds of careers. Sales and marketing resumes, medical resumes, entry-level resumes and mid-executive resumes are just some of them.

As a professional, I work until I help you gain a new perspective on what you have to offer employers. So many of my clients come to me failing to recognize the skills they already possess—skills that fit their career goals.

You are somebody!

Let’s build a ‘brand’ that impresses employers.

Almost always, your resume and cover letter combination is the only chance you get to land an interview, so you want it to be the best. You want the package to tell potential employers at first glance that you are worth calling.

Almost anyone can put together a chronological resume, yet few do it effectively. Listing your job duties just doesn’t compete today. You have to create a picture of how you did your job.

A functional resume helps employers see past work history to qualities that will be an asset to the work place, yet it has serious limitations in the private sector. It emphasizes that you lack experience.

A combination resume makes it clear you have experience and skills to offer. It’s my preferred format.

Looks Weigh In as Well.

I also focus on how your resume looks. You can include the perfect information, but if the resume doesn’t look great, it will hit the recycle bin.

Click here to learn more about how my resume services/fees work.

Check here to view resume and cover letter examples.

Please contact me for more examples of resumes I have prepared. I have happy clients from many professions.

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