Why Doesn’t It Cost Less When I Already Have a Resume?

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Much as I would like to charge less for clients who come to me with an earlier resume, it isn’t practical. Here are some of the reasons.

Most clients have a ‘parrot’ resume.

When I first started out, this is the type of resume I wrote. I took the job description and made sure the resume reflected some, and sometimes all, of the points listed in the job description. I reworded them of course, yet they essential parrotted back to the employer what was in the job description.

It’s no better if your resume sounds like you went to your employer and copied your job description. While this does show the skills you have, it fails completely to highlight those details that make you stand out against your competition.

Most clients have a poorly delivered resume.

Poor execution is another major issue I see most of the time.

  • Margins are too narrow. (One recent client used 1/4-inch margins)
  • Font sizes are too small. (The same client used 7 point type extensively)
  • Lines are squeezed together.
  • Multiple fonts are used.
  • Heading sizes are inconsistent.
  • Bullet points are neither parallel nor consistent in verb tense.
  • Job titles don’t stand out.
  • Objective statements waste the most important space on the resume.

Most clients make claims without supporting them.

Here are some of the typical claims which need proof before they are worth including in your resume.

  • Team player (Show me you are team player by telling me about a project in which you played an important role within the team.)
  • Works well with others (Give me an example of work experience that shows this.)
  • Creative (Deliver the proof.)
  • Results driven (Need I say it again? Show it through tangible results.)

Because all three of these issues are almost always present, I build each client’s resume from a foundation that fits that specific client. No two clients share the exact same experiences, even if they are in the exact same field. I ‘pester’ you until I get the answers I need so I deliver a resume that stands out against the competition.

I’ve had some clients who seem to drag their feet through the process. They seem to want me to ‘invent’ their resume. That’s something I can’t do. You must be willing to invest time in the process. I’m committed to making your investment in my services worth it. All I ask is that you be willing to commit some of your time to giving me the information I need.

Some clients do have it right.

I have had a few resumes come in that are truly impressive. When that happens, I do charge less. I charge my resume revision rate. It’s a pleasure to support someone who has already got a solid resume.

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