Does Your Resume Have ‘Curb Appeal’?

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I just read a great post by Tim Suddeth of Suddeth shares the following story:

Susan had just returned from her lunch with a former supervisor and she was so excited. A position had come open for her in his department and he wanted Susan to give him her resume. She has all the skills and experience required and he was sure she would be a great fit. She assumed that she would just go home and make some changes to her old resume that she used five years ago, and that should be good enough. (I hate those words, good enough.)

I’ve also had clients come to me who just want a resume that’s ‘good enough.’ Sorry, I don’t produce those. If you’re looking for ‘good enough,’ find another resume writer. My work is about excellence, and I want clients whose work is also about excellence.

That ‘good enough’ attitude suggests two things.

  1. The client overlooks the value of his or her resume as a sales tool.
  2. The client isn’t motivated.

My perception could be inaccurate, so here are the questions I ask:

  1. Is your goal to prove that you are the best candidate for the opening? (Just because you have been asked to apply doesn’t mean there aren’t other candidates.)
  2. Is your goal to stop with this opportunity, or to use this opportunity to expand your career even further?

Having a connection within a company doesn’t guarantee the job. So it’s important to present decision-makers with evidence that you are a genuine asset and someone worth promoting. Give them a resume that sells your worth!

The prospect of moving up within a company is exciting. Use the opportunity to add ‘curb appeal’ to your resume.

  • Look through work evaluations for things that demonstrate your growth in the company.
  • Highlight increased responsibilities.
  • Present a picture of your advancement within the company.
  • Emphasize training which prepares you for increased responsibilities.
  • Use your resume as a crisp reminder of what you have to offer.
  • Format your resume effectively.

You’d never think of getting the top price for your home without making sure the first impression is “Wow!” You’d focus on curb appeal, because you know first impressions matter.

Treat your resume the same way. Show you are worth promotion and a good wage with a stunning resume.


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