Cover Letters That Land Interviews


  • A cover letter shows you are a person, not just a collection of experiences.
  • A cover letter draws attention to points of interest in your resume.
  • A cover letter allows you to add the social touch to your resume: “Thank you for speaking with me yesterday.”
  • A cover letter makes your request for an interview.
  • A cover letter demonstrates that you took the time to find out who to contact. It shows that you see a potential employer as a person. “To whom it may concern” letters are fine for standing letters of reference. They rarely work when you want to get called for an interview.
  • A cover letter reveals whether you understand what the employer is looking for.

Applying for a job with a generic cover letter is even worse than applying for one with a generic resume. It just doesn’t work!

Many employers scan the cover letter, or cover email, to decide if it’s worth looking at the resume.

Remember your cover letter.

Learn how my cover letter service works.

First Cover Letter

Order your first cover letter here. You’ll receive a short questionnaire which will help me write a letter that stands out against your competition.

Cover Letter
Cover Letter
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Once I’ve gotten to know you, writing a revised cover letter is much easier. You benefit by receiving a discounted rate.

Cover Letter Revision or Thank You Note
Cover Letter Revision or Thank You Note
Cover Letter Revision or Thank You Note
Price: $15.00

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