Should You Include Your Address on Your Resume?

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One of the hottest topics I’ve ever seen in a LinkedIn resume group circles around this topic. I prefer to leave the name of the recruiter who claimed 30 years’ experience out of my comments. My seven years as a resume writer may not compare–yet some of her reasons for keeping an address on your resume don’t reflect the growing trend away from this practice.

This individual blasted all of us who don’t put graduation dates on the resumes we write as fools who are announcing that our clients are very old. I could argue that a resume with graduation dates says you are very young. Sometimes that’s not a positive thing to emphasize either. Just as the consensus is that you no longer put graduation dates (unless you haven’t earned your degree yet), there is a growing movement to eliminate addresses from resumes as long as email information is large enough to be readable.

Reasons Your Address Is Less Necessary Today

1. Employers very rarely use mail to communicate.
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