3 Ways to Connect in Every Job Interview

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It’s always nice in a job interview to find yourself facing someone who is good at putting you at ease, yet that’s not the norm. Many interviewers feel as nervous as you do. You may find yourself facing an ice cube.

Regardless of the personality or interview style, you can instantly connect with the person conducting your job interview if you consider the following three communication principles.

1. Mirror.

From the moment you meet your interviewer, reflect his or her demeanor. For example, if the handshake is firm, return it with a firm grip (though don’t crush your interviewer’s hand). If your interviewer leans toward you and speaks with intensity, do the same.

Like attracts like, so mirroring allows your interviewer to perceive you as someone who is like him/her. It reduces that friction which often occurs when opposites repel each other.

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